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Bass Pickup Wiring Guide

The information on this page can be applied to our:
P Style or J Style Bass Pickups.

Our Bass pickups use the most standard method of wiring. Each pickup has 2 lead wires. The Black Wire will be used as the Ground. The other wire (Red or White depending on the model) will be the Hot Wire.

  • Bridge Position Pickups will have a Red Hot Wire.
  • Neck Position Pickups will have a White Hot Wire.

Here is a common Wiring Diagrams for this style of Pickup.


For Bass pickups with 1 coil, we recommend using Control Pots rated at 500k. For a Brighter response from your tone control, we recommend using a Tone Capacitor rated at .020µF. And for a Darker response, a Capacitor rated closer to .050µF.